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glamourtalk said: After reading your conversation with Quincy6811 all I can say is that I understand what you want but thats NEVER going to happen and I totally am gonna move to Sweden/Norway and marry me a white woman and yes I'm a black man so it's going to be fun and we are going to have mixed "race" kids and soon the whole world will be beige MUHAHAHAHA! All part of our evil plan! Or it could just be that love sees no color and I hope one day you realize this.



"Love sees no color!" "I’m going to move to Scandinavia just to marry a White woman!" Well, those two statements surely didn’t contradict each other at all…

Is there an actual reason that you’re letting me know all of this?

Sorry over the internet it’s hard to read tone I was being sarcastic. I was just saying that it shouldn’t matter. Yes celebrate your nordic pride and culture that’s beautiful and what makes you, you! But I believe that culture is an ever evolving front that will one day mix things together. Also you should do some research about ancient Nordics and North Africa, they actually are more connected than you might imagine.

You see white woman as superior in beauty to your own race, that is why you are doing what you are doing. At the same time you are destroying what you love by mixing your own genetic material (which your subconsiously believe is inferior) with another race. What you also fail to realise is that we don’t care about the racial trash of our own race who choose to inbreed with racial others (at least I don’t anymore), I only care about white women and white men who respect themselves and don’t fall for the propaganda. We will never accept you or the racial trash who throw their heritage away. The world is changing though, white women and white men alike are seeing through the lies and the guilt they have been fed with their whole lives, and believe me when we rise up we will have no guilt, shame or mercy in our hearts.



Inspired by events similar to the recent Michael Brown case in Ferguson, three teen siblings in Georgia are about to release an app that allows users to report incidents of police brutality and rate the offending officers by name.


The man approached officers brandishing a knife, I would have shot him twice and made sure that he was dead if I was in their position.

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